Innovation Architect course – video intro

On May 5-6 2010 in New York, Paddy Miller and I are running the next edition of our intensive Innovation Architect program for executives, taking place at IESE Business School’s new campus on Manhattan (just below Central Park). Above is a 2 minute video introduction of the program – for more information, see the programContinue reading “Innovation Architect course – video intro”

The Gatekeeper’s Dilemma: how do you recognise a good idea?

I recently posted a piece on an important but often overlooked question that innovators face: how do you recognise a good idea? Preview below – the rest of the entry is posted on our Creative Cultures blog. On the day after New Year’s Eve, 1962, the nervous young band members and their manager entered the DeccaContinue reading “The Gatekeeper’s Dilemma: how do you recognise a good idea?”

New post: The Practicality Gap

I just wrote a short piece on one of the biggest challenges of innovation, The Practicality Gap, posted on our Creative Cultures blog: The Practicality Gap is one of the most intransigent problems of innovation. By its very nature, innovation requires people to change their behavior, and this is exceedingly difficult to do. Worse, when the behavior weContinue reading “New post: The Practicality Gap”

New blog: Creative Cultures

I have just launched a new blog on innovation and business creativity, called Creative Cultures. The blog is written in collaboration with Paddy Miller, Professor at IESE Business School, and Research Associate Azra Brankovic. It is a window into our current research undertaking, and features a mix of longer postings and short notices about interesting new papersContinue reading “New blog: Creative Cultures”

Creative Cultures: Making Innovation Work

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be teaching parts of a forthcoming Executive Education program on the subject of innovation, hosted at IESE Business School in Barcelona on November 18-21, 2008.  The course, entitled Creative Cultures: Making Innovation Work, is not a basic primer course, but assumes that the participants have already been through the traditionalContinue reading “Creative Cultures: Making Innovation Work”