Interview with Jeff Jarvis, What Would Google Do

Our Research Associate Azra Brankovic just interviewed Jeff Jarvis, author of What Would Google Do, about the changing nature of the media landscape. Full video and transcripts on our Creative Cultures blog below:

Innovation Architect course – video intro

On May 5-6 2010 in New York, Paddy Miller and I are running the next edition of our intensive Innovation Architect program for executives, taking place at IESE Business School’s new campus on Manhattan (just below Central Park). Above is a 2 minute video introduction of the program – for more information, see the programContinue reading “Innovation Architect course – video intro”

Where ideas really come from (article)

The ‘big insight’ model of creativity is wrong; creativity comes from the outside, and you can increase your chances of getting good ideas by immersing yourself in new environments. Paddy Miller and I have published a short article on the subject in IESE Business School’s alumni magazine – a special edition with focus on IESE’sContinue reading “Where ideas really come from (article)”

Our video interviews with George Lucas, Gary Hamel etc.

Our video interviews with George Lucas, Gary Hamel and others from the World Business Forum in New York are now available online: You can also see Paul Krugman and Pedro Videla discuss the economy, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Kevin Roberts talk to Johanna Mair, and more. Notice that on your first visit, youContinue reading “Our video interviews with George Lucas, Gary Hamel etc.”

George Lucas on leadership, salaries and company culture

Paddy Miller interviews George Lucas at World Business Forum 2009 [This article is also shared on our Creative Cultures blog] At the recent World Business Forum in New York, my co-author Paddy Miller and I had the opportunity to talk to George Lucas about his role as a leader and the interplay between trust, salariesContinue reading “George Lucas on leadership, salaries and company culture”

Book recommendations from Jordan Cohen of pfizerWorks

I’m currently putting the finishing touches on a new case study about pfizerWorks, an innovative new venture within Pfizer that was created from scratch by Jordan Cohen, now the Head of pfizerWorks, to radically increase people’s productivity.[UPDATE: The case is now published]. When I interviewed Jordan in New York he shared some recommendations for booksContinue reading “Book recommendations from Jordan Cohen of pfizerWorks”

Green innovation in Copenhagen

In September 2009, my native city of Copenhagen hosts the world’s first CO2-neutral festival, CO2PENHAGEN. The festival showcases a mix of art and science events, all geared at promoting green awareness and displaying innovative environmental technologies. It also happens to be founded and organised by two of my friends, Katrine Vejby and Nina Louise Jensen, inContinue reading “Green innovation in Copenhagen”