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CapGemini IESE report

Our study on Chief Innovation Officers

Our new study of Chief Innovation Officers, surveying 260 innovation executives and done in collaboration with CapGemini, has now been released and has been picked up by Wall Street Journal, Forbes and others. Among the main conclusions:

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Our book deal with Harvard

It’s now official: Our book “The Innovation Architect” will be published by Harvard Business Review Press. We recently signed the book deal and are now busy finalizing the manuscript, with a tentative publication date in the spring. Kudos to the many people who helped us get here – not least Erich Joachimsthaler, Henrik Werdelin, Astrid […]

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Jordan Cohen case video

Video – pfizerWorks case (for professors)

IESE Publishing produced a short promo video where we present our case study on pfizerWorks, the prizewinning initiative created by Jordan Cohen of Pfizer. Watch the video on IESE’s website.

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Miller Wedell - six ways to fail at innovation

Six ways to fail at innovation

Critical Eye published our article on six popular mistakes leaders commit when trying to make innovation happen: 1. Not knowing where you want to go 2. Thinking communication is enough 3. Chasing free lunches only 4. Jumping into action 5. Thinking ‘fear of change’ is the problem 6. Treating innovation as a one-man, one-idea show […]

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Innovation Architect course (2011)

Paddy Miller and I will run our intensive Innovation Architect course at IESE Business School twice in the spring: Barcelona: March 16 – 17 New York: June 6 – 8 (in conjuction with the World Innovation Forum) More information and registration here.

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The art of learning from idiots

My quotable thought for the day: Any idiot can learn from a wise man, but it takes a wise man to learn from an idiot. Learning the latter is useful, because while wise men are rare, you will never run out of idiots.

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3 great books for Innovation Architects

On our recent Innovation Architect course in New York, we shared three book recommendations for people with an interest in innovation:

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10 most creative on Twitter

One of our collaborators, Henrik Werdelin, was just listed by Fast Company as one of the 10 most creative people on Twitter, along with Evan Williams (Twitter founder), Neil Gaiman (author and artist) and others:

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Our pfizerWorks case featured on Gary Hamel’s MIX

Our pfizerWorks case study with Jordan Cohen is featured on Gary Hamel’s new website for management innovators – an interesting initiative called MIX which seeks to create a community around the issues of Management Innovation. Recently launched, still in alpha version but looks promising. Here is the link to the pfizerWorks feature on MIX.

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Definition: Stealthstorming (STELTH-ˈsto:rming) 1. verb: to surreptitiously attack or assault  2. noun: covert decisions and actions in an organization aimed at ensuring the implementation of an innovation. Read more about StealthStorming on our innovation blog.

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