Frank and the Hidden Cost of Strawberry Daiquiris

Let’s say that you are the lucky owner of a prosperous bar called “Frank’s Beer and Daiquiri” that sells only two types of drinks, namely beer and (you guessed it) strawberry daiquiris. Interestingly, you have a crazy bartender called Frank who insists on deciding what people should drink. A customer will approach the bar andContinue reading “Frank and the Hidden Cost of Strawberry Daiquiris”

Restrooms: Hot Water, Size and Mirrors

Restrooms are an area of interest, as they are often the subject of subtle manipulations. An example occurred a couple of years ago, when some discoteques started disabling the cold water faucets in the restrooms. Why would you do this, you may ask? I heard two possible, related explanations. One is that it is aContinue reading “Restrooms: Hot Water, Size and Mirrors”