Memories: Good or Bad?

It seems that our memory is not entirely reliable when it comes to remembering whether a particular experience was good or bad. According to Barry Schwartz’s book The Paradox of Choice, the quality of our memories of an event are determined by two things. One thing is the most intense emotion you felt during theContinue reading “Memories: Good or Bad?”

Wedellsblog Fragments Goes Live

There are mountains of fascinating facts and research findings out there. The bad news is, it is dispersed all over the world, in tiny fragments of knowledge. In this blog, I will try to collect all of the interesting facts that I encounter. My primary interests lie with human behaviour, but I stick to noContinue reading “Wedellsblog Fragments Goes Live”

Linked + Six Degrees – two books on networks

Titles: Linked: How Everything Is Connected to Everything Else and What It Means for Business, Science, and Everyday Life and Six Degrees: The New Science of Networks Authors: Albert-Lászlo Barabási (Linked) and Duncan Watts (Six Degrees) Genre: Popular Science/sociology/networks Readability: Linked is very easy to digest, Six Degrees is at times more academic. Two recentContinue reading “Linked + Six Degrees – two books on networks”

Why We Buy – The Science of Shopping

Title: Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping Author: Paco Underhill Genre: Factual/retail business Readability: Very good + entertaining For more than 20 years, the retail consultant Paco Underhill has studied how people behave in department stores and the like, using video recordings and a host of researchers. In this book, he basically sums upContinue reading “Why We Buy – The Science of Shopping”

The Wisdom of Crowds

Title: The Wisdom of Crowds Book author: James Surowiecki Genre: Factual/decision making Readability: OK – although slightly long towards the end The basic idea of this book is that groups of people often make better decisions than individuals, even if these individuals are experts. Surowiecki makes his argument with a number of different examples, fromContinue reading “The Wisdom of Crowds”

Blink + The Tipping Point

Titles: Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking and The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big DifferenceAuthor: Malcolm GladwellGenre: Factual/business/marketingReadability: Exceptional – he writes very fluently Most people have by now heard of The Tipping Point, and with good reason. It is an excellent book, full of ideas and interesting facts, andContinue reading “Blink + The Tipping Point”

The Pillars of the Earth

Title: The Pillars of the Earth Author: Ken Follett Genre: Fiction Readability: Very good – despite the length Ken Follett normally writes decent-but-not-divine thrillers about secret agents and stuff. Don’t hold it against him. This book is his absolute masterpiece, different from everything else he has written, and one of the most captivating fiction booksContinue reading “The Pillars of the Earth”