3 great books for Innovation Architects

On our recent Innovation Architect course in New York, we shared three book recommendations for people with an interest in innovation:

Switch by Chip Heath and Dan Heath
A great book on what is perhaps the most fundamental problem in management: how do you change behavior? The Heath brothers present a useful three-part framework for achieving this, focusing on logic, emotions, and the environment.

Game Changing Strategies by Constantinos C. Markides
Markides show how companies can get better at executing radical or game-changing ideas, providing alternatives to the now-classical ‘divide and conquer’ model introduced by Clayton Christensen. Great read for those with an interest in innovation strategy.

The Medici Effect by Frans Johansson
Johansson explains how breakthrough ideas originate in what he calls ‘intersections’, i.e. meeting places for different ideas, fields and ways of thinking. Very relevant for Innovation Architects who struggle to get fresh thinking into their companies.

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