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Our pfizerWorks case featured on Gary Hamel’s MIX

Our pfizerWorks case study with Jordan Cohen is featured on Gary Hamel’s new website for management innovators – an interesting initiative called MIX which seeks to create a community around the issues of Management Innovation. Recently launched, still in alpha version but looks promising. Here is the link to the pfizerWorks feature on MIX.

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Definition: Stealthstorming (STELTH-ˈsto:rming) 1. verb: to surreptitiously attack or assault  2. noun: covert decisions and actions in an organization aimed at ensuring the implementation of an innovation. Read more about StealthStorming on our innovation blog.

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Interview with Jeff Jarvis, What Would Google Do

Our Research Associate Azra Brankovic just interviewed Jeff Jarvis, author of What Would Google Do, about the changing nature of the media landscape. Full video and transcripts on our Creative Cultures blog below:

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