Our new case study: Jordan Cohen at pfizerWorks

Our new case study on pfizerWorks, an innovative service that allows Pfizer’s employees to outsource the boring parts of their jobs, has just been published and is now available for purchase via IESE Publishing.

About the case
The case follows Jordan Cohen, the architect behind pfizerWorks, through the five years it took him to build the service from a loose idea into a large-scale, highly innovative service offering, all while working inside the world’s largest pharmaceutical company. Through the work of Cohen and his team, the case highlights the special demands faced by innovators in large companies, including the need for trust-building, the ability to navigate internal politics, and the process of selling your ideas to internal stakeholders.

The case also yields unique insights into the challenges and opportunities of using global sourcing from countries such as India, as well as the possibility of using technology to radically enhance the productivity of knowledge workers.

Where to get it
The case study, authored by Paddy Miller and me, can be found here: Jordan Cohen at pfizerWorks: Building the Office of the Future

This posting is also shared on our Innovation blog.

The pfizerWorks case has now also been picked up by Gary Hamel (in his MIX initiative) and by Ron Ashkenas on HBR’s blog.

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