Book recommendations from Jordan Cohen of pfizerWorks

I’m currently putting the finishing touches on a new case study about pfizerWorks, an innovative new venture within Pfizer that was created from scratch by Jordan Cohen, now the Head of pfizerWorks, to radically increase people’s productivity.[UPDATE: The case is now published].

When I interviewed Jordan in New York he shared some recommendations for books that inspired him while building the service, so I thought I’d share some of them here:

One thought on “Book recommendations from Jordan Cohen of pfizerWorks

  1. It is amazing! Attention now.

    I am glad to see Mr. Cohen recommends Godin. I find it quite interesting that many of the leaders of companies have read him and very seldom any of the others. Correlation?

    I have recently found your site and like what I see. I am nearly done with my graduate studies, thank the Lord, and I have an affinity with social media use in business, creative, and sustainability. I have found a place that deals with all three. BTW, Godin is in the NY area and is having a “nano-MBA,” it may be worth checking out.

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