Frank and the Hidden Cost of Strawberry Daiquiris

Let’s say that you are the lucky owner of a prosperous bar called “Frank’s Beer and Daiquiri” that sells only two types of drinks, namely beer and (you guessed it) strawberry daiquiris. Interestingly, you have a crazy bartender called Frank who insists on deciding what people should drink. A customer will approach the bar andContinue reading “Frank and the Hidden Cost of Strawberry Daiquiris”

A guide to the creative industries

Creative Industries: Contracts Between Art and Commerce Author: Richard E. Caves Genre: Academic – microeconomics in action If you are interested in getting an in-depth understanding of how the creative industries work – movie production, book publishing, art galleries, music distribution, etc. – I know no better starting point than this book. It explains whyContinue reading “A guide to the creative industries”

The Medici Effect

The Medici Effect Author: Frans Johansson Genre: Business/innovation Inspiring book about how innovation happens when you mix up different fields and disciplines, with lots of case stories. While a lot of the evidence presented in the book is anecdotal, the main argument still rings quite true. The Medici in the title refers to the RenaissanceContinue reading “The Medici Effect”