Follow-up: Musical Redemption

Re. the phenomenon described in the ‘Musical redemption’ post below, I thought of another, interesting manifestation of the same thing. It happens when I write notes to myself. I normally walk around with a couple of blank record cards in my pocket. Whenever some stray thought hits me, I write it down. Sometimes, if I’mContinue reading “Follow-up: Musical Redemption”

The Problem With Procrastination

We all know that procrastination is a bad thing. We really shouldn’t be doing it; putting problems off till tomorrow that we could be dealing with today. Action is good. Being proactive about things is even better. An immense amount of praise will flow towards the employees that are being proactive, dealing with issues beforeContinue reading “The Problem With Procrastination”

Musical Redemption + Angry Email Syndrome

I can practically never make my friends recognise the tunes I sing to them. If I try humming the latest radio hit, I will receive perplexed looks from them, followed by general sniggering and good-natured ridicule. The explanation seems simple: my musical talents are not quite up to scratch. Well, that, or maybe, just maybe,Continue reading “Musical Redemption + Angry Email Syndrome”