Restrooms: Hot Water, Size and Mirrors

Restrooms are an area of interest, as they are often the subject of subtle manipulations. An example occurred a couple of years ago, when some discoteques started disabling the cold water faucets in the restrooms. Why would you do this, you may ask? I heard two possible, related explanations. One is that it is aContinue reading “Restrooms: Hot Water, Size and Mirrors”

Game Theory in the Real World

Title: Behavioral Game Theory: Experiments in Strategic Interaction Author: Colin F. Camerer Genre: Academic/game theory Readability: Scientific Game theory is the formalised study of strategic interaction, and was first started back in the 1960s – one of the better known theorists within the field is John Nash, who is portrayed in the movie A BeautifulContinue reading “Game Theory in the Real World”

The Selfish Gene – A Classic

Title: The Selfish Gene Author: Richard Dawkins Genre: Popular Science/evolutionary biology and genetics Readability: Excellent Approximately ten years ago, The Selfish Gene started me off on a voyage of intellectual discovery into a field that I am still fascinated with, namely evolutionary biology. It is the perfect popular science introduction to the subject of genes,Continue reading “The Selfish Gene – A Classic”